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Leaving Nobody Behind

About the scheme....

In 2022, through a combination of self-funding and external fundraising, DDU successfully carried out a community outreach scheme in the Mukono district, in the Central Region of Uganda. 

The scheme was designed to help correct the imbalance of available healthcare services across hard to reach villages and provide accessible healthcare services to marginalized communities who would otherwise receive little or no help.  In 2023, with the support and financial backing of Komo Learning Centres, we have been able to increase our outreach offering to many other vulnerable communities.

Core targets of the scheme included:

-  Providing health screening and services at grass root level in areas that have little or no access to traditional services or health centres

-  Provide critical, effective and immediate healthcare to the most vulnerable

-  Contribute to the effective control of infectious disease

-  Educate communities about the importance of personal healthcare, hygiene and infection to prevent the need for medical intervention at a later stage

-  Follow up on patient care to ensure interventions have been beneficial and provide true impact

During 2022, we managed to provide our services to 846 beneficiaries across all demographics, whilst 2023 will see us treat over 2600 patients.

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