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Dynamic Doctors Uganda was established to provide accessible and evidence based medical services and outreach schemes to those who need them the most.

We are currently supporting peri-urban and rural communities through the provision of sustainable maternal child healthcare for people living in poverty, through an inclusive model that engages a multitude of stakeholders.  We have also had a significant input in to making child and reproductive health services more accessible to the people of Uganda.

Our unique model encourages a conducive environment for medical practitioners to put their skills to use and provides support for training, mentorship and career development for medical health workers and those in health care training and our portfolio of knowledge and skills available to medical students has grown considerably over the past few years.

Our main objectives include:

-  Advocacy of high quality and safe abortion services to women in need

-  Provision of family planning care (contraceptive advice)

-  Provision of professional counselling in sexual and reproductive health

-  Advocating and promoting gender equality

-  Participating in destigmatizing abortion in Uganda 

-  Advocating for quality accessible healthcare to all human beings

-  Raising awareness of current deficiencies in the healthcare system

"From small things, big things grow"

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